Kendal Mint Co.

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Kendal Mint Co Energy Gel 24 X 70g

The original energy source RECHARGED in the following delicious flavours: Chocolate Mint Citrus & Mint Citrus & Mint + Caffeine Mint + Caffeine
VAT exempt

Kendal Mint Co Recharged NRG Bar X 24

Delicious chocolate coated Kendal Mint Cake RECHARGED with added Electrolytes and B vitamins. Two flavours available: KMC NRG Bar Recharged white (85g) KMC NRG Bar Recharged chocolate covered (50g)
excl VAT

Kendal Mint Co Chocolate Mint Protein Recovery Powder 12 X 40g

Our delicious and nutritious KMC PRO MIX is a protein packed Chocolate Mint flavoured powder, designed to help your body recover from exercise. It contains 21g of whey protein concentrate to help your body recover and rebuild, and carbohydrates to replenish energy reserves depleted during exercise. Optimise your recovery, so you’re ready to go again!
excl VAT

Kendal Mint Co Citrus & Mint Hydration Powder 12 X 37g

This intelligent hydration system is used before and during exercise. This great tasting and refreshing Citrus & Mint hydration mix provides you with a simple and convenient way to fuel your body and maintain a healthy Electrolyte balance. Simply add water and Maximise your workout.
excl VAT

Kendal Mint Co. Counter Stand

Free Kendal Mint Co. Counter Top Stand
VAT exempt

Kendal Mint Co. Product Stand

Free Kendal Mint Co. Product Stand
VAT exempt