Pro Athlete Supplementation was formed as a result of a successful winning partnership between Jon Williams, BSc, WRU National Squad Nutritionist and Darren Campbell, MBE, Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist. Jon was responsible for Darren’s nutrition during the last 10 years of his career where he amassed his gold and silver medals. At the time when Darren was close to retirement Jon suggested that they form a company to develop the most effective sports nutrition products for professional athletes, football and rugby players. Hence PAS was formed.

Providing athletes with products to enhance their recovery and performance was our starting point.

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PAS AGF-1 - 240 Capsules

Is AGF-1 the final piece of the jigsaw? AGF-1 is used by elite athletes across the world to maximise athletic potential. However, it is essential to ensure the fundamentals are in place. Training hard, Eating Right, Hydration, Recovery and Sleep are the building blocks of an athletic lifestyle. Supplements including protein, creatine and Vitamin D are what we consider as first choice additions to the basics and will give you the next level of progression. Then CONSISTENCY is the key, doing the right thing 7 days a week for months is what is needed to see results. Only once all the previous is in place should you consider AGF-1.
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PAS Defence - 60 Capsules

Staying strong and well starts from the inside, Defence has been formulated to be the most comprehensive well being and immunity product currently available to allow you to train hard, recover and stay healthy all winter.
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A synergistic blend of ergogenic aids to optimise explosive power & strength, heighten alertness & improve focus, improve anaerobic endurance, and facilitate muscle growth.
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