Global hydration experts distributing in over 20 countries supplying a product range naturally sweetened with stevia, containing no artificial chemicals and rich in Vitamin C.



iPRO is fast becoming the leading supplier of Healthy Hydration drinks to the world of sport, health and wellbeing.

From professional athletes to leisure and education, iPRO is THE name in healthy hydration, not only in the United Kingdom, but across the globe in Finland, Continental Europe, the Middle East and many more countries coming on board in the near future.

Partnerships within sport, health and fitness, as well as receiving continued endorsements from health nutritionalists and performance experts within sport, are testimony to iPRO's ability to deliver essential hydration benefits to all consumers whilst remaining delicious and refreshing in taste.



The iPRO Hydrate range is a low-sugar hydration drink sweetened with Stevia - a plant extract significantly sweeter than sugar, without the calorific content. 

iPRO demands from its manufacturers high-quality, plant-based ingredients and flavours. This goes hand in hand with consumers appetite for added vitamins and natural ingredients over artificial flavours and colours.

An excellent assortment is available as the iPRO product range provides healthy choices no matter your lifestyle. From fitness professionals and sports clubs, to the emergency services and school children, superior hydration benefits are experienced by all.

With a committed long-term focus on sustainability, all packaging is 100% recyclable using recycled materials with ambitions to reach 75% recycled materials in 2021