Battle Oats

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NEW: Battle Bites - Brownie - 12 x 60g

A whole new chocolate brownie texture! Covered in milk chocolate, with crunchy roasted peanuts and an indulgent caramel layer.
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Battle Oats Low-Sugar Protein Flapjacks - 12 pack

Battle Oats Low-Sugar Protein Flapjacks - 12 pack Available in the following flavours: - Chocolate Pudding - Mixed Berry Pie
VAT exempt

Battle Bites - Dyna Bars - 12 pack

Dyna Bars - 12 pack
excl VAT

Battle Oats High Protein, Low-Sugar Bites - 12 pack

Battle Oats Bites - 12 pack
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Battle BCAA Powder - 200g

Offering an affordable way to get 5-grams of BCAAs in your daily diet, the Battle BCAA is Battle Snacks' first venture into the sports supplement market following on from the huge success of their Battle Bites Protein Bars.
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Battle Whey High Protein Powder - 900g

Delivering a tasty Whey Protein with either a peppermint twist or creamy cereal milk flavouring, Battle Whey provides 23-grams of protein per serving and is just 121 calories giving you brilliant nutritional value for your buck.
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