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Blockhead Caffeine Gum - 12 Packs (7 x 50mg caffeine gums per pack)

Fast acting caffeine is rapidly absorbed as you chew. Energy gum is a sugar-free chewing gum that contains caffeine, vitamin, and Niacin. Specifically designed to energise you – fast. A new innovation in energy, each piece delivers the same caffeine as a small coffee which is absorbed as you chew – so it acts faster than coffee and energy drinks, you will be ready for action in only 5 minutes
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Blockhead CBD Gum - 12 Packs (7 x 3mg CBD gums per pack)

Blockhead CBD Gum is a calorie free chewing gum containing 3mg of CBD per piece. The CBD Gum may help you to relax during those stressful days and also has pain relieving benefits.
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Blockhead SHINE Gum - 12 Packs (7 x gums per pack)

Fresh mint gum with activated charcoal to polish your teeth.
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Blockhead Vitamin Gum D,C, B6 & A - Lemon Flavour - 12 Packs (10 x gums per pack)

Not ordinary gum. Our cold-pressed Vitamin Gum is supercharged with vitamins D, C, B and A to help you be your best healthy self.
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