Karma Cola

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Karma Cola - Cola 24 X 250ml Cans

24 X 250ml Cans Karma Cola’s original recipe is made with Fairtrade organic cane sugar and real Kola nut grown by the Mende and Temne people of Sierra Leone. Part of the proceeds from each bottle go to Kola growers’ families.
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Karma Cola - Sugar Free Cola 24 X 250ml Cans

Fairtrade & Organic, all natural sparkling fruit drink
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Karma Cola - Gingerella Ginger Ale 24 X 250ml Cans

24 X 250ml cans Gingerella is made from Mother Nature’s magical healer—ginger—grown organically by Fairtrade farmers in Wayamba, Sri Lanka. Its clean, crisp and fiery kick comes from a unique blend of Fairtrade organic ginger, lemons, sugar and spice and a fair deal for the people who grow them.
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Karma Cola - Lemony Lemon 24 X 250ml Cans

24 X 250ml Cans. Lemons weren't known for their luck — until Lemony came along. The combination of organic lemons and Fairtrade organic cane sugar bring good fortune to the farmers who get a fair deal for their crop, and a Lemony zing to you. If life gives you lemons change your luck with a Lemony Lemonade
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Karma Cola - Summer Orangeade 24 X 250ml Cans

24 X 250ml Cans. The Valencia oranges we use for Summer grow wild in San Luis Potosi, the most biodiverse region of Mexico and home to over 2,000 different species of plants. The orange groves in this hilly area get plenty of sun and water from a hot humid climate and nutrients from the rich soil typical of a region that’s mostly rainforest.
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