Regardless of how you define an active life, we have been there. We have protected your knees on the handball court. Supported your back through tough times. Warmed your joints during your training and your everyday activities. And the best part is that we have done all this with products developed together with you. With quality, function and design customized for you and your everyday needs. This is something we want to continue with.

Rehband is a global brand with Scandinavian roots. With over fifty years’ experience we have achieved a status as one of the most prominent players on the international market for sports protection and supports. The foundation of today's brand was set already in the mid-fifties, when Rehband Anatomiska AB introduced braces and soft orthoses for rehabilitation and injury prevention. The product range and the target group focus were widened gradually over the years.

With an own manufacturing site and an established global distribution we have created a platform that few competitors can match. Our products are available in more than 30 markets worldwide and provide exceptional solutions to active people - from professional athletes to ambitious amateurs.

  • Founded in 1955 (Rehband Anatomiska AB)
  • Global portfolio of about100 unique products and over 750 variations
  • Available in over 30 countries worldwide (all continents)
  • Over 50 partner federations, associations, teams and individual professionals worldwide
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Rehband RX Elbow Slv (102306-01)

The Rx Elbow Sleeve is a versatile product that provides strong support for heavy workouts or pain relief if you are injured. The construction of the product is built on a unique patent, securing its anatomical fit. The shape allows the product to follow the body’s motions. This creates a combined mental and physical frame to keep your body moving towards strength instead of injury. The elbow support will guide your body in moving correctly without limiting muscle development around your elbow.
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Rehband RX Knee Sleeve (R-105366-01)

The 5mm thick Rehband RX Knee Sleeve benefits varied training that requires both agility and support. The construction of this product is engineered with a unique shape, securing an anatomical fit. The shape allows for a safe, optimal range of motion. This creates a combined mental and physical frame to keep your body moving towards strength – instead of injury. The knee support will guide your body to move correctly without limiting muscle development around your knee. This product combines the key benefits of stability, compression, and warmth.
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Rehband RX Shn/Clf Slv (106306-01)

The Rx Shin/Calf Sleeve is ideal for protecting your shins against friction, or if you are seeking to reduce inflammation. The advanced construction is designed to provide optimal functionality for both heavy workouts and injury prevention. The support is classified as a medical device. The benefits are numerous. The sleeve protects your shin from friction and hits. Your muscles are faster brought up to working temperature and the warmth provides pain relief. The optimal fit increases muscle control and coordination, leading to reduced energy waste.
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Rehband X-RX Wrst Wrps (131106-010033)

The X-Rx Wrist Wraps provide all-around support for prevention of excessive wrist extension in heavy training.
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