Healthspan Elite: Zinc Defence Lozenges (45 x Lozenges)

Throat lozenges with zinc to defend your immune health Each lozenge contains 34mg of zinc acetate, which delivers 10mg active ionic zinc Formulated to coat the membranes of nose and throat when taken at the first sign of cold and flu Fresh peppermint flavour
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What Is Zinc Defence Lozenges?

More training days are missed due to illness than any other cause. Zinc Defence Lozenges have been formulated to coat the membranes of the nose and throat when taken at the first sign of cold and flu.

Why Is Ours Better?

Each peppermint zinc lozenge provides 34mg of zinc acetate which delivers 10mg of active ionic zinc, which is the level most widely studied. Developed with leading sports nutritionists, Zinc Defence Lozenges are also batch tested and Informed−Sport accredited.

A Range You Can Trust

This product has undergone rigorous testing by LGC?s world−class sports anti−doping laboratory, Sport and Specialised Analytical Services, for a wide range of substances banned by the World Anti−Doping Agency (WADA’) to provide the highest levels of assurance possible for athletes.

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