Grangers Hand Sanitiser: 60ml (GRF216)

The formulation is 80% Alcohol based and is approved by the World Health Organisation. WHO.
Brand: Grangers
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With the world changing its hygiene behaviour due to the dreadful Covid 19 virus, sanitising hands and surfaces has become a huge part of everyone’s lives.


Allowing for this change in people’s mindset and as part of Grangers ethos of protecting people against the elements, we are excited to introduce Grangers Hand Sanitiser.


No matter what happens Hand Sanitiser will be kept at home and also when travelling, no matter what the activity.




The formulation is 80% Alcohol based and is approved by the World Health Organisation. WHO.


Kills all known germs and viruses. 99.9%.


Suitable for hands and hard surfaces.


Made in England

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