OTE Anytime Protein Bars: 100% Natural Flapjacks (16 x 62g)

OTE Anytime Protein Bar (16 x 62g)
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Plant based protein flapjack.

The Anytime Protein Bar is ideal to use as a functional healthy snack anytime of the day. It provides a healthier option to give you that extra energy and protein boost during the day. Our Anytime Protein Bar can also be used post exercise to help repair and rebuild muscle.

The Anytime Protein Bars are high in protein (11g per 55g bar), easily digested and contain 26g of Carbohydrate. Like all our Anytime Bars they are nut and gluten free as well as suitable for Vegetarians.

Each box contains 16 individual bars.

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OTE Anytime Bar: 100% Natural Flapjacks (16 x 62g)

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