Passion for sport, health care, respect for nature. These are the essential values expressed by NAMEDSPORT> Superfood: the Italian company that, thanks to a consolidated scientific know-how in the field of Natural Medicine, has brought an innovative concept in the panorama of sports nutrition. 

NAMEDSPORT>Superfood offers to sportsmen a complete and balanced diet, a fundamental prerequisite for guaranteeing optimal athletic performance and all the necessary nutrients before, during and after sport, to optimize performance, ensuring a quick energy recovery and to promote well-being with targeted and high quality products.  

NAMEDSPORT>supplements are the result of intensive research conducted in collaboration with a team of experts: pharmacists, scientific researchers, physiotherapists, coaches and nutritionists. The result is a range of effective and cutting-edge formulations with superior ingredients and excellent raw materials. 

Reaching your sporting and well-being goals knowing that NAMEDSPORT>products are there and designed to meet your needs when you are looking for: 

- Increased energy

- Optimized recovery

- Promote the development of muscle mass

- Counteract the onset of lactic acid

- Promote power and endurance

- Promote the elimination of acid waste

- Improve your well-being



NAMEDSPORT> Fueling passions


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NAMEDSPORT> Sport Gel (32 x 25ml)

Energy gel from simple and complex carbohydrates at different release, with D-Ribose and low GI Isomaltulose PalatinoseTM, providing energy in a continuous and gradual way. Available in four refreshing flavours, with the addition of specific ingredients to support all of the training stages.
VAT exempt

NAMEDSPORT> Total Energy Carbo Gel (24 x 40ml)

Energy-rich gel with maltodextrin at different assimilation rate: (D.E.: 9,19) dextrose, fructose, enriched with mineral salts. The balanced mix of carbohydrates with different rates of assimilation ensure a gradual and constant release of energy. Enriched with sodium and potassium. Total Energy Carbo Gel> is particularly useful in high-intensity endurance sports.
VAT exempt

NAMEDSPORT> Total Energy Strong Gel Lemon (24 x 40ml)

Energy gel featuring Caffeine, Taurine and Guarana delivering an immediate mental boost. Energy-rich gel with maltodextrin at different assimilation rate: (D.E.: 9,19) dextrose, fructose, enriched with mineral salts. The balanced mix of carbohydrates with different rates of assimilation ensure a gradual and constant release of energy. Enriched with Sodium and Potassium. Total Energy Strong Gel> is particularly useful in high-intensity endurance sports
VAT exempt

NAMEDSPORT> Total Energy Fruit Jelly (28 x 42g)

Rich in mineral salts and carbohydrates at different assimilation rates. Provides gradual and steady energy. Improves endurance. Ideal before and during training.
excl VAT

NAMEDSPORT> Total Energy Boost (18 x 100ml)

Energy mix in liquid form containing Maltodextrin, Dextrose, Isomaltulose PalatinoseTM and Fructose. Its formula, based on energy substrates with different absorption rates, has been specifically designed to help maintain the optimal energy levels to sustain athletic performance in endurance sports. Plant-based Maté and Maca extracts have stimulant properties and work to fight off tiredness and fatigue.
VAT exempt

NAMEDSPORT> Energy Bar (12 x 35g)

Tasty bar based on carbohydrates, with puffed rice, fruit juice and pureed fruit. Ideal for athletes in need of rapid energy replenishment before and during training. Light and easy to digest on-the-go.
excl VAT

NAMEDSPORT> Total Energy Fruit Bar (25 x 35g)

Tasty Energy bar with 30g Carbs, puffed rice, honey and fruit featuring vitamins B1, B6 and vitamin C. This 35g Energy bar has a balanced carbohydrate matrix delivering both rapid and sustained energy source. The instant accessible carbs support immediate performance whilst the slow releasing carbs provides prolonged energy.These bars are a great way to maintain energy levels and are easy to transport whilst competing or during endurance training. These bars have a unique 'non-sticky' rice paper covering keeping fingers and kit clean whilst on-the-go.
excl VAT

NAMEDSPORT> Crunchy Protein Bar (24 x 40g)

32% Protein bar covered in a layer of delicious caramel and crunchy milk chocolate. A luxurious tasting bar blended from Soy Protein Isolate and Whey Protein Concentrate with a high biological value. Crunchy Protein bars have a balanced content of fat and carbs and are perfect for post training recovery or as a snack to top up your protein intake during the day.
excl VAT

NAMEDSPORT> Hydrafit Zero Tabs Orange (9 x 20)

Refreshing effervescent tablets based on electrolytes and vitamins, in a special ZERO SUGARS, low carb and zero calories formulation. HydraFit> ZERO has been developed, together with professional cycling teams, in order to support electrolyte balance during intense workout. Vitamins B1, B2, B6 contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue and support energy-yelding metabolism. Magnesium and Potassium contribute to the normal muscle function.
excl VAT

NAMEDSPORT> Isotonic Hydra Zero (18pc x 20)

Practical effervescent tablets to dissolve in a bottle of water to create an isotonic solution with zero sugars. Containing vitamins and electrolytes, these are highly recommended for situations involving excessive water and salt loss, providing quick and refreshing hydration.
excl VAT


4Fuel> is an innovative supplement with potassium, magnesium, creatine and glutamine. Its formulation is ideal for saline reintegration in the post-workout.
excl VAT


4Fuel> RECHARGE is a food supplement with Potassium, Magnesium, Creatine and Glutamine: the ideal hypertonic formula for post-workout mineral recovery. 4Fuel> RECHARGE helps the recovery from tiredness, muscle weakness, cramps, excessive sweating as a result of intense exercise.
excl VAT

NAMEDSPORT> Total Energy Shot Orange (25 x 60ml)

Liquid energy shot with caffeine, guarana and taurine delivering an immediate mental boost. Total Energy Shot> is enriched with elderberry extracts, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12 and Magnesium. Effective in reducing fatigue and tiredness. Handy 60ml sized shot, ideal for endurance events and prolonged workouts. With 1000mg of Taurine and 180mg of Caffeine, ideal to take at the final stage of a race or during a prolonged training session
excl VAT

NAMEDSPORT> Race Fuel 400g

Exclusive pro-endurance energy blend based on a Triple carbo source combining Cyclodextrins Cluster Dextrin™, Maltodextrin D.E. 19 and Fructose, in ratio 1:0.8 ideal to: > Optimize the absorption and oxidation of carbohydrates by the body > Minimizing the risk of gastrointestinal disorders > Ensure an optimal energy source in endurance and high-intensity sport activities The combination of carbohydrates in an isotonic formula is fundamental as the transportation of nutrients across the intestinal wall is a rate limiting factor in carbohydrate oxidation during exercise. Scientific literature reports that the special 1:0.8 ratio is optimal in endurance sports as it fully exploits the oxidation of carbohydrates providing the energy needed to sustain intense performance and reduce fatigue.
excl VAT

NAMEDSPORT> Isonam Energy Orange - 480G

Isonam Energy>, based on Maltodextrins, Minerals and Vitamins, enriched with Creatine and Ginseng.Magnesium and Potassium contribute to the physiological muscle function. Ginseng has tonic properties tonic and can contribute to reduce physical and mental tiredness.
excl VAT

NAMEDSPORT> Hydrafit 400g Orange

HydraFit> is an exclusive blend of mineral salts, maltodextrin and vitamins that has been specially created into a hypotonic electrolyte drink. (Osmolarity 190 mOsm/l). HydraFit> is the ideal solution for replacing the mineral salts lost by the body due to excessive sweating during intense exercise. Magnesium and potassium proper muscle functions and reduce the effects of fatigue.
excl VAT

NAMEDSPORT> Star Whey Isolate 750g

Star Whey PERFECT ISOLATE 100% is the result of Named research CARBERY®Isolac 90 highly pure quality isolated whey, achieved by Cross-Flow Microfiltration CFMTM, standing out for a maximum pureness level.
excl VAT


BCAA 2:1:1 is a food supplement rich in branched-chain amino acids with vitamin B6. Branched-chain amino acids are suitable as a dietary supplement for athletes. Vitamin B6 helps reduce fatigue and muscle tiredness.
excl VAT