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Bodyism: Beauty Food 150g/ 30 servings

Beauty Food promotes the repair of damaged skin, boosts your immune system and contains antioxidants that fight the signs of ageing. It's a daily supplement of super greens and marine collagen peptides reinforced with pea and brown rice-based proteins that's free of gluten, dairy and soy.
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Bodyism: Body Brilliance 300g / 30 servings

The supermodel's secret weapon. This cacao-flavoured shake is the ultimate protein-meets-fibre hit. Made from super greens, revitalising minerals and energising herbs, Body Brilliance is loaded with antioxidants to boost your metabolism and brighten your glow. It’s free of gluten, soy, dairy and vegan, too.
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Bodyism: Male Optimum 600g / 30 servings

The energy bolster. Male Optimum is an empowering, cacao-flavoured blend of Tribulus, vitamins, minerals, maca and plant-based protein that's vegan and free of gluten, dairy and soy. It will raise your libido, repair and create lean muscle by reducing your overall body fat and help fight food cravings.
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Bodyism: Protein Excellence 500g / 25 servings

The muscle restorer. A vanilla-flavoured post-workout treat to aid muscle growth, Protein Excellence is an all-natural solution packed with branched-chain amino acids that's rich with pea and rice protein. It can help boost your metabolic rate and curb any sugar cravings – and it's also gluten, dairy and soy-free while being vegan to boot.
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Bodyism: Ultimate Clean 300g / 30 servings

The prebiotic powerhouse. A carefully blended plant-based formula to keep your internal rhythms balanced, this powerful all-natural prebiotic shake is made from psyllium husk fibre, slippery elm, aloe vera and fermented rice bran. It's vegan and contains no gluten, dairy or soy.
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