Mace Bar

I started Macebar to showcase the ever growing running community my journey as an Ultra-runner and build a platform to experiment and create nutritious snacks that are fast digesting, easy to stomach and most importantly taste delicious. 

I have competed in some of the world’s most grueling Ultra Marathons which include: UTMB (Ultra Trail Mont Blanc) & MDS (Marathon Des Sables) to name a few. So consuming the right foods makes all the difference in my overall performance however it has to taste great. Sometimes I can be trekking/running for as long as 34hours and you can soon become very bored chewing on the same old bar. My thought was..

“Why not combine one of the best pleasures of life EATING with functionality and natural ingredients”

Although there are many energy bars on the market I simply couldn’t find one that had the right balance between taste and nutrition. So we created our own energy bar and called it ‘MACEBAR’.

Our mission was simple to create a delicious energy bar that delivers great natural energy and nutrition. As an experienced ultra-runner, during training and races I would eat dates to give me an immediate energy boost. Dates are delicious and natural plus we have been eating Dates for thousands of years so it was obvious to start here.

Dates are quickly digested by your body so it’s ideal on-the-go snack. Next was to combine this with certain variety of nuts and other natural ingredients to enhance the nutrition. The end result was a new energy bar that delivers best natural energy with the most delicious taste perfect for your body and lifestyle.

To maintain top quality and consistency we decided to manufacture MACEBAR at our own facility right here in Scotland. This not only gives us control but freedom to develop other fantastic flavours to add to our range.

Why the name MACEBAR? First it was after our family name MACE. The second reason is the MACE weapon. This weapon represents momentum and fast flowing energy so seemed obvious to build the brand around the name MACE. Once you see the packaging hopefully it will make sense.

We hope you enjoy our products.